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This term we are learning

Summer 2018

Our topic this term is

'Incredible Inventions that changed the world'


Literacy: This term we will be focusing on the theme of ‘journeys’, developing our descriptive writing of settings. For this we will be reading three books ‘Journey’, ‘Quest’ and ‘Return’, by Aaron Becker and The Tunnel, by Anthony Browne. We will enhance this work with journey themed stories such as Whatever Next, by Jill Murphy; Beegu, by Alexis Deacon; How To Catch a Star, by Oliver Jeffers and a range of non-fiction texts relating to space and technology.

Maths: In the Summer term we will be developing our skills in number (1-100), multiplication and division, fractions, place value, money and time.

History: Famous Inventors/ Inventions: The key skills we will be focusing on this term are ‘Chronology’ and ‘Communication’. We will be learning about different inventions such as the phone, and track its progress through history – e.g. from Bell’s receiver to our smart phones today. We will also develop our understanding of chronology, by taking different inventions and placing them on a chronological framework. We will then develop the ways that we communicate the information we have learnt by using a range of mediums such as pupils creating their own time-line displays and annotating sources to show their historical enquiry. We will also use drama to act out some of the key moments in history, such as the first aeroplane flight or the first man on the moon.

Geography: Earth from Space! : This unit will develop the key skills of mapping and locational knowledge, connected to key inventions. We will be exploring the invention of satellite and how tools such as google map help us locate areas in the world easily. We will be answering questions such as, “What does the Earth look like from space?”, “How much detail can you see?” and “Can you see everything on Earth at once?”

Art: In art we will be developing our drawing skills by drawing some famous inventions, drawing inspiration from Leonardo De Vinci. We will also be looking at the way technology has influenced art, by discussing the use of illustrations in picture books created from digital art and how photographs can define a mood or tell a story.

Science: Children will work scientifically to observe changes across the 4 seasons. They will describe weather associated with the seasons and find out how day length varies, making tables and charts about the weather and making displays of what happens in the world around them, including day length, as the seasons change.

Computing: In this unit, children will use technology to support their learning across the curriculum in support of our topic. Children will use technology to enquire, research, access and manipulate different forms of digital content. They will use the internet safely and responsibly and will become increasingly fluent and efficient in searching for and accessing digital information.

D&T: This unit focuses on materials and textiles. Real life objects such as pencil cases, phone cases, laptop cases/sleeves, puppets, soft toy, cushion and bags will be designed and made. Children will learn ways to join materials and will experiment with different sewing stitches. They will also develop patterns to be used when making their product. Children will follow the whole design process of evaluating existing products, designing, making, evaluating own product and will focus on the intended user and purpose of the product.


RE: This term we will be answering the questions: 

"Why are some stories special?" and " What makes every person special, unique and important?"



Our learning last term:Ancient Egypt

Maths: Sorting, Counting and Place Value

Maths: Sorting, Counting and Place Value 1 sorting
Maths: Sorting, Counting and Place Value 2 sorting
Maths: Sorting, Counting and Place Value 3 matching amounts to quantities
Maths: Sorting, Counting and Place Value 4 Playing Marbles. counting, comparing, calculation,
Maths: Sorting, Counting and Place Value 5 place value
Maths: Sorting, Counting and Place Value 6 place value. Missing numbers
Maths: Sorting, Counting and Place Value 7 Blast Off! counting backwards, writing numbers
Maths: Sorting, Counting and Place Value 8 Playing Bingo! Number recognition
Maths: Sorting, Counting and Place Value 9 one less than Marble game

Our learning last term

Our learning last term 1 SuperTato! creating our own to retell the story
Our learning last term 2 Help! The Evil Pea stuck in Jelly! fine motorskils
Our learning last term 3 Endangered species: How we can help SeaTurtles
Our learning last term 4 SeaTurtles: Creating Fact-books
Our learning last term 5 SeaTurtle artwork
Our learning last term 6 The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch- Storymaps
Our learning last term 7 'The Mousehole Cat' descriptive writing
Our learning last term 8 Lighthouses: writing and ordering numbers to 12
Our learning last term 9 Science Experiments- Floating and Sinking