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This term we are learning

Our topic this term is Ancient Egypt!

To develop our literacy skills, we will be writing factfiles about The Ancient Egyptians and their Gods. We will use library books, internet searches, video clips  and podcasts to collect information on the way they lived, dressed, ate and worshipped. We will write instructions on how to build a Shaduf and write recipes for making Egyptian Flatbread. For our fictional genres we will be reading and exploring stories about Crocodiles, such as  'The Selfish Crocodile', 'The Enormous Crocodile' and 'The Crocodile under the bed'. We will be creating story-maps and role-play areas to learn about story structure and writing character descriptions to develop our langauge. 


In Maths we will develop our knowledge of shape, space, measure,calcualtion and place value, through a range of activites. We will be sorting, counting and ordering numbers to 20 with treasure hunt digs in our Ancient Egypt role-play area. We will use real-life contexts, such as cooking flatbread, to find one more and one less than and solve missing number problems. Year 1s will be learning number facts to 20 and using these to develop mental strategies to aid their addition and subtraction. 


In Science lessons, we will learn all about Forces and the improtant job of forces in everyday life. We will look at the Ancient Egyptian Shaduf and how pulls and pushes aided the collection of water from the River Nile. 

In History, we will be finding out how the British archaeologist, Howard Carter, enabled us to learn so much about the Ancient Egyptians today. We will explore a variety of artefacts from the Shropshire Library Service to identify the main differences between old and new objects. We will study photographs, painting and diaries to answer questions about how the Ancient Egyptians lived.   

In Geography, we will use maps, atlases, globes and computer mapping to locate Egypt and the River Nile. We will compare the river and its use with our local River Tern, developing maps of our local area too. 

Art and D&T lessons will be filled with inspirational paintings and sculptures from Ancient Egypt. We will use our sketch books to develop ideas about the wonderful treasures inside the Pyramids to make our own Pharoah Masks and Jewellery. We will explore the importance of colour and texture in the Ancient Egptian culture and religion. 


What an exciting term to come!




Maths: Sorting, Counting and Place Value

Maths: Sorting, Counting and Place Value 1 sorting
Maths: Sorting, Counting and Place Value 2 sorting
Maths: Sorting, Counting and Place Value 3 matching amounts to quantities
Maths: Sorting, Counting and Place Value 4 Playing Marbles. counting, comparing, calculation,
Maths: Sorting, Counting and Place Value 5 place value
Maths: Sorting, Counting and Place Value 6 place value. Missing numbers
Maths: Sorting, Counting and Place Value 7 Blast Off! counting backwards, writing numbers
Maths: Sorting, Counting and Place Value 8 Playing Bingo! Number recognition
Maths: Sorting, Counting and Place Value 9 one less than Marble game

Our learning last term

Our learning last term 1 SuperTato! creating our own to retell the story
Our learning last term 2 Help! The Evil Pea stuck in Jelly! fine motorskils
Our learning last term 3 Endangered species: How we can help SeaTurtles
Our learning last term 4 SeaTurtles: Creating Fact-books
Our learning last term 5 SeaTurtle artwork
Our learning last term 6 The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch- Storymaps
Our learning last term 7 'The Mousehole Cat' descriptive writing
Our learning last term 8 Lighthouses: writing and ordering numbers to 12
Our learning last term 9 Science Experiments- Floating and Sinking