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This term we are learning

We are starting this term with our launch day for the theme 'Fascinating Pharaohs and Navigation the Nile'.


English -  This term we will be using the text, 'The Egyptian Cinderella' by Shirley Climo. We will be using the VIPERS questioning techniques to improve our comprehension of the text, then applying this to our individual reading. We shall be exploring non-fiction writing and will be deepening our understanding of chronological and non-chronological report writing.  We shall also be reading and writing myths and legends during the 2nd half term.


Maths - This term we will be learning about fractions.  We shall be using practical equipment to support our understanding of unit and non-unit fractions.  We shall also be learning about adding and subtracting fractions, along with comparing fractions using <, > and = symbols.


Science -  In Science this term we will be exploring Magnets and Forces.  We will be investigating forces along with developing our scientific enquiry skills.


History - In History we will be exploring the topic of Ancient Egyptians.  We will be learning about their lives, homes, work and customs.


Geography - For Geography this term we will be focusing our studies on Rivers.  We will be learning about the importance of the River Nile and will be identifying the features along the Nile.  We will compare the location and features of the River Nile to the River Seine in Paris using google maps to support our understanding.


R.E. - During the first half of the term, we will be learning about Judaism.  We will be learning about Jewish family life.  In the second half term, we will be recognising that Incarnation and Salvation are part of a 'big story' of the Bible.  We shall be telling stories of Holy Week and Easter from the Bible.


Music - In music we will be learning about graphic scores and will be writing our own music.  We will be creating a piece of music based upon one of the Egyptian Gods or Goddesses.


Design Technology -  This term our D&T will focus on shell structures.  This will develop our understanding of strengthening packages and creating strong frames for protection.


Art -  This term we will using the context of Ancient Egypt.  We will be developing our key skills of colour and texture by creating colour wheels and using different types of brushes. We will also be experimenting with collages to create texture.


French - We will be learning French mainly through songs and games.  We will be focusing on greetings, names, family, numbers to 20 and simple instructions.  .


P.E. - During the first half term, we will be improving our gymnastic skills and techniques.  We will be focusing on shapes, balance and travelling.


Computing - This term, we will be learning about algorithms and how they are implemented on digital devices.