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This term we are learning

We are starting this term with our launch day for the theme 'Incredible Inventions that Changed the World'.


English -  This term we will be using the trilogy of texts 'Journey', 'Quest' and 'Return'.  We will be following the Talk 4 Writing approach to reading and writing and will be focusing on improving our writing in the form of: stories, letter writing, explanations and invitations.


Maths - This term we will be learning about time, mass, capacity, temperature and properties of shapes.  We will also be continuing to develop our calculation skills using the methods shown on our school calculation policies.


Science -  In Science this term we will be exploring Earth, Space and Light.  We will be using practical investigations and will write an explanation about our understanding of Light.  Our visit to Jodrell Bank later this term will enhance our learning about this topic.


History - In History we will be exploring the topic of 'Inventions that Changed the World'.  We will use our launch day to focus upon timelines and to create questions to be answered throughout this theme.  We will also be focusing on using a range of sources to retrieve answers and to observe and investigate changes over time.


Geography - For Geography this term we will be focusing our studies on 'earth from space' with a focus on identifying continents, oceans and other physical and human characteristics.  We will use atlases, globes and computer technology to locate countries and their features.


R.E. - During the Summer Term, we will look at the good news which Jesus brought as well as considering what difference faith makes to people.


Music - In music we will be learning through the song about Friendship.  We will participate in class discussions about different pieces of music using musical language such as tempo, dynamics, pulse, rhythm and pitch.  We will also be learning to play recorders along with the Friendship song.


Design Technology -  This term our D&T will focus on Materials.  We will be learning about different ways to join materials and will experiment with different sewing stitches.  We will then use this knowledge to design, make and evaluate our own product.


Art -  This term we will be focusing on the use of drawing in inventions.  We will experiment with tools and surfaces and discuss the use of shadows using light and dark.


French - We will be learning French mainly through songs and games.  We will be focusing on greetings, names, family, colours, numbers to 20 and simple classroom instructions.  .


P.E. - During the Summer Term we will be focusing on swimming.  We will also participate in Sports Day during the 2nd half term and will be practising for these activities.


Computing - This term, we will be learning using the Internet safely, responsibly and confidently.  We will learn about collecting and storing data and begin to access information online with support.