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This term we are learning

We are starting this term with our launch day for the theme 'Food'.


English -  This term we will be using the text, 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl.  We will be learning ways to improve our writing while writing character descriptions, inventing settings and writing recounts.  We will focus on using adjectives to improve descriptions and continue to use correct punctuation throughout our writing.


Maths - This term we will be begin by recapping our knowledge about Place Value.  We will then progress onto Addition and Subtraction.  We will be using various equipment to help with our calculations such as: ten frames, number lines, Dienes, Unifix and Multilink. in the term we will then be covering Multiplication and Measures.  


Science -  We will be learning about Animals including Humans.  This links well with our theme about Food as we will be exploring the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle for humans and animals.  As part of our Forest School sessions we will be learning about how animals forage for food and the types of food that they need.


History - We will be looking at the history of food across the ages.  We will begin by looking at food during the War Years and finding out about their diet.  We will then step back a little further in time to compare food during Victorian times with our diet in Modern times.


Geography - This will also link closely with our topic of Food.  We will be learning about local food production with visits to Fordhall Farm and Holly Farm Nurseries.  We will be finding out how local food production affects what we eat and will also explore the varieties of food that we import from other areas.


R.E. - During the first half term, children will be exploring the creation from discussions about who made the world.  In the second half term we will be looking at various aspects of Christmas.  The children will be thinking about why Christmas is so important to Christians.


Music - During the first half term, we will be focusing on South African music and comparing this to the song, 'Hands, Feet, Heart'.  Children will appraise different musical sounds and will explore the structure of music.  In the second half term we will be having fun with the Christmas musical 'Babushka'.


Design Technology -  Our learning this term will be focusing on Food.  We will be learning about and understanding the principle of a healthy diet while thinking about different food groups.  While preparing a simple dish, we will be using techniques such as cutting and peeling.  We will be using local produce to create a tasty dish and will have plenty of opportunities to taste different types of fresh local food.


Art -  This term our learning in Art will be considering man-made and natural forms.  We will be learning about shape, form, modelling and constructing using malleable and rigid materials.  We will also be exploring different types of adhesives and methods of construction.


French - We will be learning French mainly through songs and games.  We will be focusing on greetings, names, family, numbers to 20 and simple instructions.  We will also be finding out where France is and how they celebrate Christmas.


P.E. - During the first half term, we will be learning the skills needed to play handball.  We will be focusing on ball control, passing and catching along with defending and attacking.  In the second half term the children will be working on dance.


Computing - This term, we will be working on e-safety.