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This term we are learning

We are starting this term with our launch day for the theme 'Rainforests'.


English -  we will be reading books such as "The Great Kopak Tree' and "We're Roaming in the Rainforest'.  The children's work will be based around these texts.  They will be writing animal descriptions, persuasive letters, poetry and short stories.  We will continue our focus on punctuation, spelling and grammar.


Maths - Time, Capacity, Volume and temperature.  We will also be consolidating our understanding of the four operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Science -  we will be learning about living things, habitats and micro-habitats.  The children will be learning to ask and look for answers through non-fiction texts.  They will also be learning about the basic survival needs of living things.


History - The Indus Valley.  The children will be learning about the Indus people and their lifestyles.  They will be describing and comparing the past, answering and asking questions using a range of resources.


Geography - Rainforests.  We will be using compasses and directional language to describe the position of the rainforests.  We will also be learning about the vegetation and physical features of rainforests.


R.E. - In this unit of work, children will explore how we worship both in school and in a church, they will explore the parts of a church, look at how Christianity is followed around the world, and compare different Christian denominations.  They will identify when and where assembly time is each day and that there is time for worship in the assembly.  They will also recognise the songs sung are about God and Jesus and that praying is a way for Christians to talk and listen to God.  During assembly they will continue to participate in or observe sensitively the ‘act of worship’


Music - this will be focused around the Reggae song 'Zootime'.  The children will continue to learn about pulse, rhythm and pitch.  They will continue singing and also playing a variety of instruments.


Design Technology -  we will be learning about mechanical control. The children will be exploring and using mechanisms such as levers, sliders, wheels and axels.


Art -  Henri Rousseau.    Our main focus will be learning how to change the tone of a colour.  We will use this skill to finally create a 'Rousseau' style painting,