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This term we are learning

This term we are learning


Maths:  Number: place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division.

English: An in depth study of a novel - 'There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom' by Louis Sachar.

The children are reading the novel together, studying its main themes and focusing on using textual evidence to support ideas and opinions. The children will have opportunities to write letters, diaries and a non-chronological report. 

Science: Sound: In this unit, children will  learn about what makes sound, how it travels,  and what can vary the pitch and volume of a sound.

Design Technology: Bridges: This unit will focus on building strong framework structures that can stand on their own. Children will learn about the strength of different shapes and that lots of very strong structures have triangles as a basis. They will use ICT to research other existing structures around the world, e.g. bridges, buildings, Eiffel Tower, etc., and to design their own self-supporting structures. They will follow the whole design process: evaluating existing products, designing their own product for a user, and finally testing and evaluating their own product according to its design criteria.

Computing: Simulations and internet safety: Children will use a  computer simulation  to help them design and test a range of bridges. The children will be taught to use the internet safely and responsibly.

History: The Industrial revolution:  Children will learn about the changes that occurred in Britain during the 19th Century and the reasons for those changes. 

Geography: The local area: Children will study the local area to Lower Heath focusing on land use and maps.

RE: Worship:  In this unit of work, children will explore how we worship both in school and in a church, they will explore the parts of a church, look at how Christianity is followed around the world, and compare different Christian denominations.

ART: Still Life:  In this unit, children will take inspiration from Victorian art and architecture to explore line, tone, texture colour and composition.

Modern Foreign Languages: French for this term will focus on embedding  the 4 key areas of language development:Listening: listening to spoken French from a range of sources and showing understanding by joining in. Speaking: engaging in conversations, developing accurate pronunciation and intonation and building up words, phrases and sentences. Reading: appreciating stories songs, poems and rhymes in French. Writing: writing phrases from memory and developing knowledge of basic grammar.

Music: This term the children’s music will focus on a variety of musical genres, making up their own raps, exploring the structure of music and songs, and will analyse the performance of their own work and that of others. 

PE: This term, the children will be taking part in dance and developing their skills in invasion games. Sportscape coaches will teach the children a range of invasion games., starting with hockey. Dance will be taught in classes by a Sportscape coach. Dance work will focus on linking movements together and making a sequence to produce a dance in a group.