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The 7 Rs of Learning at Lower Heath

The 7 Rs of Learning at Lower Heath


All of our learning at Lower Heath encourages children to be life long learners by developing good learning behaviours at a young age. Through everything we do and say, the staff endeavour to be good role models in this regard, demonstrating in a very open way to children that we never stop learning. 

In order that children develop the skills of life long learning, we have a whole school system of using the '7Rs of Learning'. These are fully embedded into all of our teaching, in every lesson, with staff reminding children how important they are not just now, but for the rest of the children's lives. 

We want our children to be...
Ready - they know what they need, have their equipment ready, are in the right frame of mind and are ready to learn.
Resourceful - when faced with a new situation, they can choose and use equipment and ways of working resourcefully in order to get a job done.
Responsible - children need to understand that the person who can affect their learning most is them; responsible learners try their best which is what we want all of our children at Lower Heath to do.
Good at Reasoning - when faced with a problem, children need to be able to think through what is needed, decide on the best course of action and think through how they can work it out, whether it's a maths problem, an art problem or any other situation that needs to be resolved.
Resilient - keeping on going even when things are hard is so very important, but we want our children to be resilient so that whenever they find things hard in their lives they know that, if they keep on going, they’ll be able to achieve things they thought they couldn’t.
Good Risk takers – the confidence to try new things is key to learning new skills. At Lower Heath we really encourage children to have a go at new things, whether it’s playing handbells, trying a new method for addition or using a new art technique, we want them to try something new with confidence, knowing that we are here to support them.
Reflective – the ability to reflect on what we are doing, how we’re doing it and whether we could do it better is essential to learning new things. We always tell children at Lower Heath that it’s OK to make a mistake, as long as you learn from it. Being reflective is key to this, and is a good skill for them to develop in readiness for later life.

These 7 Rs of learning are displayed prominently in all classes and in the school hall and form a crucial part of our learning curriculum at Lower Heath. It has been lovely to hear stories from children about when they have used these 7Rs at home, too, with one little boy recalling a story about how his dad was struggling to cut some wood. He told us, "I said, 'Come on, daddy, keep on going - be resilient!' "