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Welcome to Beech Class!
Welcome to Beech Class. In our class we have wonderful, hardworking, friendly and polite Year 5 and 6 children. Mr.Holt-Williams and Mrs Sadler are the class teachers  and we have lovely teaching assistants who are kind, caring and help us with our work. The adults in our class know that we all learn in different ways, and make sure that we are learning in the best way for us.

As the oldest class in the school, we have a lot of responsibility. We have lots of jobs around the school, for example being in charge of music in assemblies, organising the fruit and milk for all of the children in the school, and taking on librarian roles. We like to be good role models for the younger children in the school; some of us help by running lunchtime clubs for the younger children or after school sports clubs (with adult helpers!). These responsibilities make us independent and we enjoy them very much - it's nice to know that the adults in school trust us with such important jobs!